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Twist Cheez is made from firm, unripened cheese that is melted and twisted, then salted and flavoured to achieve its extraordinary taste. Four flavours have been developed for a unique experience with each bite. Ideal for a quick snack!

Twist Cheez: unwind the flavour!


This cheese is made the same way as Twist Cheez and is the undisputed king of lunchboxes thanks to its finger food format. Monk Cheez is offered in several flavours and is packaged in eight individual servings. Sure to please the entire family!

Brie Royal

Brie Royal is a soft cheese with a mould rind and an aroma reminiscent of European flavours. Its distinct taste and divinely creamy texture originate from a unique indigenous rennet. These exclusive properties put a delicious finishing touch to a high-end product sure to impress the most discerning connoisseurs.