About us

« We want you to enjoy tasting our products as much as we enjoy creating them. At Balactis, we take pride in our work ! »

Founded in 2016, Balactis Corporation is the fulfillment of a dream shared by agri-food enthusiasts dedicated to developing high quality, specialty cheeses for North Americans to discover. These include salty “twist” cheeses, a mainstay for several decades in Quebec among consumers who love salty snacks. However, outside Quebec, twist cheese is unknown. This is why Balactis is committed to sharing this tasty secret with consumers across North America.


Over the years, each of the company’s founders has left a unique mark on the dairy industry. Their combined strengths represent a high point in the search for a new epicurean summit in the dairy sector. By rethinking production, distribution and preparation methods, Balactis adds a unique dimension to the art of cheese making. Innovation is the cornerstone of our passion and this is why we have developed special cheese-making equipment. The result is a selection of mouth-watering products that redefine industry standards. To further share our expertise, we offer our distributors a range of diversified, custom products.